Vintage Butterfly Collection

Asmara's Flutterbies

Create your own beautiful vintage butterfly collection using scraps of fabric, beads, sequins and a lot of glue! You can always bring along your own fabrics if you want them to tie in with an existing theme, maps of special places are great to use too, as well as script from books or letters.

These butterfly collections can be very personal, you can name each butterfly after a member of your family and friends, ‘Blazing Blue Becs,’ for example. They would make a wonderful gift for someone, and once you’ve made them with me, it’s something you can recreate over and over again.

£40 per person                  I’d love to book a workshop!

Why not stay for lunch and turn a creative gathering into a social occasion, £10 extra per person.

But book 2        But wshop 7         But wshop 4         But wshop 1          But wshop 2

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